Going Outside

Off tomorrow at the crack of sparrows, so I went over to check that Jo was looking after my bebbies properly.

I found the colts outside having a breath of fresh air in a small paddock behind her old croft house.  It is fairly well sheltered and the grass hasn’t been eaten for a while.  They were out not  so much for the nutrition but to let them stretch their wobbly legs, breathe some fresh air and allow their coats to fluff up a bit naturally.

L1060783 L1060782

I took a short film.

And with that the heavens started to threaten so we caught them all up and I led them, feeling like Miss Lovelace, the Trumpton milliner with her trio of Pekingese dogs (Mitzi, Daphne and Lulu), back to their stable.

MissLovelaceDogs L1060784

The lads trundled very slowly inside, still wobbly and unsure and they were given some chopped up apple for elevenses.


The wind has fluffed up their fur nicely but they remain in themselves subdued and shut down.

L1060791 L1060790 L1060789

I am worried about their urine.  They pee in very small amounts and it is still an opaque yellow.  I hope their kidneys are not damaged.

Sitting for a while with them, while Jo went to look for BeAnne who had vanished (she was found in the chicken shed eating scraps), the ponies remained aloof and cautious of me.  I gave them all a snuggle and kiss goodbye. We talked about the “what if” scenario and I trust Jo to make the right decision immediately, no questions, no suffering.

Anyway, I told my bebbies that I expected them all to be here upon my return and I trust they listened.


Daily updates will be on the Thordale Stud Facebook page and I will try to post them as well if I am able.



3 thoughts on “Going Outside

  1. Linda

    Shall look forward to updates Frances/Jo. Saying a little prayer for these guys. And you, for safe travels, and Jo for no hard decisions having to be made.


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