Puppy love

Hi all – Frances is returning home tomorrow after a trip down South, so it’s Nick here again to keep you entertained.

Just an update on Danny’s progress for you.


He is an absolute joy to have around. He learns really quickly and is now starting to be trusted off the lead when out on walks. This discipline is sorely tested when we meet a dog coming the other way however, and I often find myself standing alone on a path, looking backwards, calling his name and trying not to show the desperation behind my feigned enthusiasm, before giving up and going to collect him in person.

He loves the company of other dogs, and we have met loads in our local walking park. He’s also one of the fastest dogs in the pack too, and is quite a sight when he’s in full flow. We’ve not met any greyhounds yet, but when we do it would be interesting to see how he compares…

Anyway, he does need a LOT of exercise, so we try to take him out at least twice a day, so that when he’s back home he’ll just chill in his crate rather than trying to rip to shreds anything we accidentally leave lying around. Frances has been great in giving advice on how to make him behave, and it’s paying dividends.

So to leave you, here he is doing his best cute face:


How could anyone resist those eyes?



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