Moving House

OH fed them this morning at 09.00.  Everyone was standing up and fine.  I went in at 10.30 to find Torbjørn cast.  He was lying with his legs up against the wall and his head at right angles to his body.  He looked like his neck was broken, his eyes were shut and he wasn’t moving at all.  Feeling sick with fear, I rolled him over onto his legs and belly, he immediately opened his eyes, stood up, gave himself a shake and wandered off for some food.


So that was a terrible shock.  I was shaking with relief.  Only with me a few days and I totally adore my bebbie boys.


Jo came over this afternoon.  She wanted to steal my bebbies away from me!


I threatened to chain myself to their shed, but it did no good.  They have to go because I am going south on Monday for a week.  The bebbies need constant attention and I won’t be there. I can’t expect my OH to look to them constantly.  As there was a lull in the weather today, Jo had to come over immediately (*** sulk ***).


I packed their spotted hankies, put the rest in the back of the car – special bowls, foal milk powder, mineral lick, etc…. Gave strict instructions on how to chop the apples properly, etc.


We caught the lads easily, put on head collars and led them into the trailer.


The loaded like pros.


And off she drove. (**** sniff ****)


So I decided to follow to supervise (or annoy).  This is their new bedroom.


Whilst being unloaded, the Icelandic horses came up to have a look.  It was very funny watching them trying to introduce themselves to these tiny ponies.


Then we put them all in their new stable, which I will grudgingly admit is very nice, airy and spacious.


You can see just how thin they are, poor little loves.  Yes, that is his back bone.


I have been doing a little brushing.  I don’t want to annoy them but it needs to be done.  They need their fluff back before they can ever go outside.  Storm, the smallest of the three, the black and white one, has had the skitters (diarrhoea) and the underside of his tail, the dock, is bald from the hard crusts of shit that remain on his tail.  He hates me trying to clean it so we slathered Sudocream on the bald bit and Jo will work away at it slowly over the next few days.

L1060762 L1060764


The boys are very subdued still and I sit with them often.  They are very wobbly and weak on their back legs too.  BeAnne sits with me.  They are curious about her and she is very good, never reacting and tolerating their sniffs.  She knows that she can’t nip or bark so she doesn’t.  I am very proud of her.


6 thoughts on “Moving House

  1. TheDancingDonkey

    I am so glad you got these little fellows and they are doing well.

    I have been enjoying your blog and seeing a bit of your country. I have read of the area, but your photos really bring it to life. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Celeste

    You are such a dear mum for taking them under your wing and adding them to your family. I’m sure that with your extra special TLC they will start thriving soon and be able to express their gratefulness to you by loving you back. Every day I look forward to reading progress reports – will we still have news of them when you are South?

  3. Linda

    It sounds like Torbjorn has accepted his new home and apparently feels very relaxed in it! Their coats all looked better since yesterday’s photos, I knew you couldn’t resist! Hope they will eat their fill and get big and strong. I can imagine them 3 abreast in harness one day in a year or so. They are so cute as the wee three!!


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