All Packed

The car is all packed and ready to go south by itself to Aberdeen on the freight boat tonight.  I will follow on tomorrow night’s boat.

A certain little doglet knows something is up.

I wish I could take Pepper with me but, after much thinking, I decided that she  would have a much better start staying at home, keeping to her routine, and being a happy dog with everything she loves (except me) around her.

I am not sure about the future of this blog, to be honest. It is meant to be about my life in Shetland and all I will write about for the near future will be about living down south in Englandshire.  I don’t know how long I will be there so I can’t make any promises.  I do not have a return ticket. I think the best I can say is I will see how I go.  I am caring for my mother.  I am staying for as long as she needs me. This is not a holiday but necessity.

I will miss my family and animals and have left them all in the best of hands. It’s all I can do.

I’m going to miss my speshul boy very much.


25 thoughts on “All Packed

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    Oh Frances, it is such a hard time but absolutely crucial as you say. When I left home in Somerset to be one of the carers for my father in Essex, I was at least able to travel home after a 2 week stint (we decided that was the most I should do at a time as he had Parkinson’s and dementia and it was hard-going and probably better for him too as I got very crabby when sleep deprived). We almost moved to Islay during that time and I would have continued travelling up and back to do my stints but although I was very very sad about Islay not happening, I am glad I didn’t end up having to do that (for various reasons)!

    I wish you all the very best for your time away from home and I am sure your mother will be delighted to have you with her. As you say, your family are all in the best of hands (each others’) and Pepper will adjust – even though they will all miss you very much.

    Who knows, if you manage to get down to Dorset to see Carol while in Englandshire, I might meet you at last!

    Bon voyage x

  2. Louise Helen Whyte

    Can’t she come to you. Would make it easier for you as you would have your animals as a safety valve

  3. Celeste

    It must be so very hard to leave your brand new puppy, let alone all your other 2 legged and four legged family members. I so enjoy your blog, both the stories and the photos, but understand that sometimes things change. Photos of anything, anywhere would still be very welcomed! Best wishes to your mum and I hope things go as smoothly as they can for both of you.

  4. Karen Carter

    Please keep posting as and when you can. The blog is just as much about you as it is about Shetland and I look forward to your posts.
    Safe journey and take care.

  5. Joe Boyd

    Everyone in Shetland will miss you, but we know your Mum will receive the best of care. If you cannot keep up the blog, we understand. But please know that we would all feel a lack in our lives. God bless!

  6. Dona

    So sorry to hear this sad chapter of your life is taking place. If you cannot blog, at least journal. It helps to put your thoughts down and keep them from circling your head. It is good to keep in touch and have a support system of friends and family. You are a wonderful daughter taking care of your mother in her time of need. We all care for you.

  7. Judith Garbutt

    What a very difficult situation for you, Frances. I have no doubt your family will keep you up dated with regard to all the animals and we know they’re in good hands but it’s not the same as day to day contact. They will certainly miss you. If the blog becomes too problematic, I’m sure we’ll all understand but it will be much missed. You and your mum will be in my thoughts. I hope you will have some practical support in whatever situation awaits you in the south and that you remember to take care of yourself as well as of your mum. Very best wishes and safe travels. xx

  8. Shelley

    Well, I’ll miss Shetland but I like England too. I’d like to know how your Mom’s doing, what her garden looks like in the Fall and snoop around her house for all her treasures.

    You are the blog Frances – I think it’s safe to say your followers enjoy your Shetland stories but it’s you we look forward to each day. Whatever we see through your eyes will be worth the time spent.

    Safe travels.

  9. Jayne

    Oh hell, had no idea you were going down for more than jut a visit to your Mum. I wish you a safe journey, and all the best as you enter what will undoubtedly be a difficult period for you.

    The future of your blog? It should be whatever you want, it is YOUR blog. When mine started it was only going to be a record of creating the garden. Then the rest of my life barged in . . . Since then I have been through a couple of incredibly difficult times and I do not have words which can adequately describe the support I had from blogging friends and just how much those friendships helped.

    If you decide to stop blogging you will be missed, but you must do what feels right to you. xx

  10. Linda Kirk

    Everyone would miss the blog very much but do whatever is best for you. Please, please take care of yourself. It can be stressful caring for someone and you need to look after yourself as well.

    Sending love and best wishes to you and you Mum. xxx

  11. Michelle

    I echo many others when I say that the blog is mostly about YOUR unique eye on the world, wherever you are, and I would really miss your posts. Come back when you can, and prayers for your journey to and with your mum. So hard, and yet so important, especially in hindsight as I think you will see.

  12. darby callahan

    of course you have to do this but of course it will be difficult to be away from your family. all of them. they are in good hands and will all be waiting for you on your return. I do not always comment but read your blog every day as it cheers me . to see the animals, the scenery, the love. safe travels.

  13. Jean

    So sorry to hear that you will be away from home for the foreseeable future but understand your wish and need to be with your Mum. Your human and animal family will miss you and you them. Times change and change again and you will return one day. You have loving daughters who will do their best for you and your four legged and winged friends. Wishing you safe travels. Being in Orkney, happy to help if required.

  14. Louise Stopford

    Have a very safe journey Frances. I also would miss your blogs so very much, but you have to do whatever you feel is right. I do hope that your mum will be OK and you can return back to your Shetland life in the certainty that you have helped her all you can. I am caring for my elderly parents now but luckily they only live ten miles away. I look at it as pay back time. They brought me up well and looked after me so now it’s my turn to do the same for them. Take great care. Best wishes to you and your mum.

  15. Cathy

    I’m so sorry to read this Frances. It’s going to be a sad and difficult time for you and your mother. Your blog has kept me sane and lifted my spirits so often in the last couple of years, and so I understand that you may find it hard to continue.

    We all enjoy your daily updates and will miss them, they are just as interesting and relevant even when you are away from home, but you must look after yourself. Just know that we will be thinking of you and send our love and moral support

  16. Gunn Iren Kjøndal

    Dear Frances, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother and the difficult time. I also would miss your blog a lot, I read it every day! But of course you have to do whatever you feel is right. Sending love and best wishes to you and your Mum, You will be in my prayers xxx

  17. May

    I was going to add my reply, but Cathy said it just right.

    We care about you and your various family members. Please be well.

  18. Sumiko

    Frances – if you want to write: write. If not: don’t. I hope if writing provides an outlet you will write & I know that your writing will be welcome.

    Such a hard but necessary thing to do, leaving your regular life behind & going to care fir your mother. I hope it goes well & that you have some sweet times together to balance out the difficult times.

  19. diane in northern wis

    Oh dear Frances, I am so sorry to hear this news and that this isn’t just a fun trip. I will pray for your mother and for you for the days ahead. Thank you for your beautiful blog, which I so cherish every day. I along with everyone here, agree that if you have to stop blogging, we will understand but we will certainly miss you and your wonderful stories and pictures. Do take good care of your Mom Frances, and don’t forget you need to take care of you too! God bless you.

  20. Amy N

    Adding my voice to the chorus — such hard times, and yet necessary. You are strong enough to handle this — even when you don’t want to (and there will be those times). I know you will take good care of your mother. And don’t forget to take good care of you.

    Selfishly, I hope you will keep the blog going — and I totally understand if that is just one job too many.

    Please know you, and your mother, and your family in Shetland (two- and four-legged), will be in my heart and in my prayers. Wishing you the very best, Frances.


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