Gallopy Gallopy

We have been in town all day and got home this afternoon, later than usual.  Daisy and I fed the chaps that have hard feed (Efstur, Kappi and Taktur) and then Daisy herded them out of their field down to their night-time field.

I stood at the bottom of the hill and tried to take photos of the herd galloping down the hill towards me.

Only Taktur and Kappi moved in anything more than a trot.

And, apart from Kappi, it wasn’t really the impressive photoshoot I had imagined.

Darling little Hjalti gave it his best, though.

But then he saw me in his field…..

And wanted a close-up!  He is a very people-“person”.

Daddy, once at the bottom of the hill, just stood looking handsome, which was not the look I wanted. I was after galloping, speed and excitement.

But all I got was Kappi trying to play with his best friend, Taktur.

I suppose it was later in the day than usual.  Maybe another time.

2 thoughts on “Gallopy Gallopy

  1. Sam

    While this was not the action photo shoot you wanted, to see Estfur stop and make a beeline towards you was impressive. And such a nice picture of 2 BFF just hanging out.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    The “family” out in the field looks great, but you have a talent for taking photos of the island and it’s skies that are magnificent. I love that last photo!

    Hope you’re feeling better!!!!!!!!


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