A House Guest

Every day this winter the morning routine has been the same.  I get up, get dressed and go out, feed the hens and then the sheep.  The sheep all follow me and my bucket to their little paddock where I dish out three portions of food which everyone eats except for Lambie who skips back out, I shut the gate and feed him separately.

I don’t worry about Lambie trying to escape as he is easily occupied with his own breakfast and then trying to steal the hens’.

Then, once the horses have their silage and the big outside gate is shut, I can let the sheep out of their paddock to follow me and my bucket (like well trained sheep ever hopeful for seconds), to Albie and Newt’s field.  They then all happily spend the day grazing.

But Lambie has gone on strike. He refuses to go into the field and wants to stay at home all day.

He hovers around with anyone who is outside and today, because OH had gone into town (how did you guess?), I let him in the house.

Of course, we are all very pleased to see him and I put on the radio for him.

He had a quick recce to see what he could filch.

He particularly loves my bin and handbag!

We had words and the bin ended up sitting on my desk out of reach.

A drink of water out of the dog’s water bowl.


And then I told Lambie to sit down and stop being annoying.

He does know how to behave in the house.  The minute he stands up, though, he is out of the front door.  That is the way we avoid accidents.  Lambie is like a puppy and Muzzah mostly knows the pee-look!

7 thoughts on “A House Guest

  1. Sam

    Even though Lambie has a lovely fleece coat on, even Sheeples get tired of all the gutter and wind. Hence the mini-vacation to the lovely warm Indoors. I won’t tell OH.

  2. Sally-Ann Akitt

    What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing Lambie’s adventures. He sounds and looks quite a character


  3. Eva

    What a sensible sheep, I wouldn’t want to get my hooves all muddy when I could listen to music in a cosy room with the humans I love. I particularly like his ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ expression, Lambie is a legend!

  4. Louise Stopford

    What a spoilt boy he is. Love seeing pictures of Lambie in the house. I bet it was straight out with the Fabreeze before OH came home. I wonder if he ever suspects??!!

    1. Frances Post author

      Nah! I couldn’t be arsed. Surprisingly, Lambie was in a fragrant mood unlike Her Maj who is wafting green fumes.


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