Haakon and Iacs are cousins.

Haakon’s grandmother, Jarpur, had two daughters and they are the mothers of Haakon and Iacs – so I think that makes them cousins of some description.  Different fathers, though.  1st cousins or 2nd – can you work it out because I can’t.

Anywho, Haakon is a year older, so he is the boss!

These boys have lived together for the last 20 years.  When they were first reunited, having not met for a few years, they instantly recognised each other, which was very sweet.

Haakon sees himself as Iacs’ minder or carer.

What I love best is that they still, after all these years, play together.

They are both old men – in their twenties!

Iacs, or Bimble, is remains the Master of the Silly-Frilly.

He is wintering well.

I have moved the two old men up to Clothie because Haakon is lame –  it is drier and quieter there.

Further up the hill, there are dry parts of the field – so they stand mostly in the boggy bit.

If you have ever wondered why you don’t see that many Icelandic horses on the show-jumping circuit, this is why. They don’t jump if they can either walk/climb over the obstacle or go round!

I mean, why would you?

I visit the two old men every day, bringing carrots in case they are starving.

I think not but I don’t want them to feel they are forgotten.

6 thoughts on “Cousins

  1. Sam

    Even old men cousins enjoy a carrot or two. Thanks for the reason why Icelandic horses don’t jump. I didn’t know why.

  2. Terri

    I adore these two! (first cousins) This is yet another of your lovely little stories, just waiting to be put into print. (wink wink)

  3. Carina

    My icelandic horse jumps even when he can walk. We have a ditch that we cross on an almost daily bases. He hetsitates, No, I don´t think I can do it, sure you can, Ok, I will try and then he takes the better safe than sorry approach and jumps as if the ditch may be rising from beneath and bite him. Straight up and then straight down. The other horses walk over, it´s just a little longer step =D he took my by surprise the first time but now I know I have to be ready and hang on for dear life


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