I Heart The Minions

We have been busy for the last few days swimming.  Yes, it has been a chore but we endured it stoically. Someone has to!

So today, for me and my grotty back, we have had a day of rest.   I spent a good few hours with the Minions in the school (catching, grooming, feet and leading) and then in the field where they reciprocated.  Yup, they groomed me, chewed my shoes and led me to a spot where they could be hugged some more.

Hammy is a token Minion.  He is their mentor – heaven help them and they actually get on very well, which is sweet to see.

L1100695L1100692 L1100693   L1100713 L1100720 L1100731 L1100743

I have had many animals over the years but I think I have never been so loved by The Minions.  They are the most darling three boys (and Hammy) ever.


Silver, who found getting to know us difficult at first, has made a huge amount of progress.  His learning curve is steep but the reward of being loved by him and his friends is probably the best therapy ever (for me).


These guys have given me so much – I may have had gin and feeling very soppy now!



4 thoughts on “I Heart The Minions

  1. Linda

    Sounds like Hammy has found his place. And really, how could the Minions NOT love you? You saved their lives!

  2. betty2dogs

    Today’s photos are off the charts. Love them! Also, very happy to hear about Silver’s progress. It can be a long road.

  3. Sam

    So glad to hear Silver is opening up to you. I think this year’s Advent Calender should be Horse noses and lips. These pictures are great!


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