I wasn’t going to get up early this morning I thought to myself asI lay in my lovely warm bed, complete with Ted curled up beside me at 06.45. I decided I could take him out later but his walk would have to be entirely on a lead because we wouldn’t be able to go on the golf-course.  And then, now feeling guilty, I reckoned that as I was already awake, I should just get up, stop being selfish and bite the bullet, so to speak.

This is the first view I saw when I left the garden with Ted at 07:00.

And if you look carefully to the right of the trunk, you will see two small roe deer who had been grazing.

Dear little things.  They watched me and then ran off.

It was 1 degree celsius.

Very cold but beautiful.  A large dog fox ran past.

The golf course staff have started the monumental task of clearing all the fallen leaves.  I don’t envy them this job so I took a few photos before the leaves all vanish.

Ted did most of the walk off a lead and behaved himself. However, we did meet the golfer-in-shorts (who is apparently immune to the cold, lucky thing) and Ted managed a few ferocious barks, while I apologised profusely, before running bravely back to me. I clipped him onto his lead and took him home.

So it was worth getting up early.


4 thoughts on “Frosty

  1. Sam

    What a lovely place to walk Ted. Gave me the shivers just looking at that frost. We have had 2 mornings with a light frost in Southern New England this week. Winter can wait.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Just curious, Frances – did your mother choose her home because she was a golfer? It’s such a lovely setting.

    1. Frances Post author

      No, when she and my stepfather moved there with us, there was no golf course. It was all fields owned by the farmer at the other end of the house. He then sold up to the council who transformed it into a public golf course.


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