Flying Kites

I was sitting at the kitchen table eating my breakfast (a toasted sourdough crumpet – now addicted – with melted butter washed down with a mug of Earl Grey) when I heard a loud squawking outside that sounded, well, like a big bird shouting for another bird.

So I went outside and looked upwards….. perched on the branch of the nearby stag oak was a large Red Kite.

He was shouting his head off.  He was not a happy bird.

After a while he flew off and started flying in large circles.

He was looking for someone.

And then his girlfriend arrived and I could see what all the shouting was about.

Kite 1 – “Where have you been? What time do you call this? What do you mean you were at the shops?  We have things to do. Come one, let’s get going!”

And they flew off.  They were pretty impressive birds. I hope Kite 1 is happy now.


5 thoughts on “Flying Kites

  1. Sam

    Watched a car get in the way of a swooping Red tail Hawk going after dinner last night. Bird was fine.
    Now I want to try your breakfast…sounds yummy.

  2. diane in northern wis

    So there I was looking for a big red kite on a string with ribbons going down the string…all in the wind. Well, I had to look up what a kite was where you are and found it to be a rather large bird. good video and pics of the birds, by the way. Thank you Frances. Hope you’re doing OK….you and Ted!!!


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