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So, as you may remember from yesterday, Floss and I fed the Shetland pony herd our carrots when doing our daily check.  The whole herd had decided they were going to live forever on their miserable little homemade “island” but, as we were leaving they thought they would follow us through a muddy path and then the open gate into another field which had been available all the time.  I don’t understand why every pony had a thing about the mud. They know about it and they used to go into the other field frequently.  But suddenly they had told themselves they couldn’t move and they were stuck, possibly forever.

Who knows what goes through the minds of these ponies. It wasn’t exactly rocket science.

My suspicion is that Vitamin, who has always been suspicious of mud ever since Tiddles fell in the sink-hole, refused to move the herd into the other field.  She is their leader.  Just not a very good one.

But once they saw us walking through, they all happily followed and then went bouncing off into the distance.

(Her Maj was also on hand to “help” any tail-end Charlie’s)

Everyone was obviously very relieved they weren’t going to spend the rest of their lives on their homemade island.

There was lots of jumping over the ditches.

And then the playing began.

It was lovely to watch particularly when I remember how they originally were.

It was pretty obvious that Storm was in a particularly good mood.

It does my heart good to see them play and be happy.



7 thoughts on “From Yesterday

  1. Dona

    Beautiful photographs of the ponies playing! Love BeAnne running through the pasture too. Such a great day to share with us!

  2. annie vanderven

    You really should write a book about the little ones you already have the photos and the bylines you could just publish it yourself as finding a publisher is very hard to find these days

  3. Sam

    Playful ponies are such a grand sight! As for the “island” – maybe someone told a ghost story at night and anyone who stepped off the island would become a puffin. Or Vitamin wanted to control everyone and the island worked well?

  4. Terri

    How joyous! The ponies look as if they had been released from prison! (Sam’s theories about the island are likely correct….)

  5. diane in northern wis

    These are such wonderful pictures! I love the jumping and running and playing. They all look so happy. I loved how the blog ended up yesterday with them all following you and floss and BeAnne and then today we see them frolicking! Thanks for all the awesome pictures! Awesome blog.


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