Briefly Glimpsed

A quick trip to Lerwick to drop off a horse for a friend.  There and back and I forgot to do One Important Thing, which I am now kicking myself about.  I will send a grovelly apology.  Today, and most days, I have the brain of a hen.  I am surprised I didn’t drive the horse to Tesco’s.  My excuse?  I was in automatic pilot.

Meh!  Then an afternoon spent arguing with Vodafone.  That’s a few hours of my life that I will never get back.

Flossie kindly drove over to check The Minion Herd and the preggie laydees for me.

I briefly glimpsed some horses that apparently I look after and even own – I love this photo of Dreki standing guard over his dad, Taktur.  I saw them this morning from my bedroom window.

And so the sun has now set and I feel very short-changed today about not spending important time with my animals.

7 thoughts on “Briefly Glimpsed

  1. Sam

    We have all those kind of days where nothing goes smoothly or according to plan.
    Have a nice dinner and a good sleep, tomorrow will be better.

  2. Michelle

    I know exactly how you feel. Yesterday morning I had to leave in the wee hours to take my parents to the airport so my husband and son did all the morning animal chores, and I felt deprived all day!

  3. Terri

    Ah well. At least you took some gorgeous photos! And Mon seems to have taken over all computer work (and hopefully will not inadvertently wipe out your hard drive). Tomorrow is another day….

  4. diane in northern wis

    Tomorrow will be another day Frances. Things will go better. And my fave pic today is of crazy monstery standing on the computer. Hilarious.


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