The Little Ones

The little ones, ie the Shetland pony herd, consist of Minions (six “rescue” ponies) and the two old Shetland mares (the ones who wore the sweaters for the advert) and they all live in two large adjoining fields.

There is, however, one part which is like a little island surrounded by some mud and a wide-ish ditch and for some reason everyone congregates on the island ignoring the other field and pretending they have nothing to eat.

We walked down there with a bag of carrots and everyone instantly mugged poor Flossie!

Of course she was scrupulously fair with her offerings.

Everyone had their fair share.

And then of course there were the individual hugs and tickles to give out too.

And, again, no one was missed out.

It was a funny old morning because BeAnne had decided to come too, which is most unlike her as she is very much a homebody these days.  But jump in the car she did so it seemed mean to say no and tell her to go back home.

Newt was being vile.  While Albie was having a nice-to-see-you-again chat with BeAnne over the fence, Newt bodyslammed Albie and then bit him.

We had words.  Poor Albie.  He didn’t deserve that.  Newt was in a foul mood and even Vitamin told him off.

Silver was, as usual, staying well out of it.

Floss told Vitamin well done and to keep on top of Newt’s behaviour.  It was not good.

As we left, we realised we were being followed.

More tomorrow.

To be continued……/

2 thoughts on “The Little Ones

  1. Sam

    Wonder what set Newt off? Good to see Vitamin is having none of that nonsense. Hope Albie was hugged hard to make up for Newt’s bite.


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