Fresh Meat

“There’s someone behind me, isn’t there?”

“Oh, yes!”

And with that, my friend was introduced to Lilja and Sóley.

Silver also had a sniff.

So, while we are not allowing visitors to the islands to meet the Minions (our safety, and possibly their safety), like we did last year, I am always very happy to introduce “locals” to the herd.  That is different.

And I have to say that a certain ginger Icelandic filly was very taken with my friend.

It was totally reciprocated (meanwhile, I was standing on the sidelines feeling very much like chopped liver).

The others got a look-in too.

They made full use of my friend!

We were followed all over the field. Well, my friend was.


I think it might’ve been a hair thing.

Peas in a pod!

It’s funny because Sóley is very much her own horse and does not take to folk much but today was a different day. She had finally found her friend.

Again, I just stood on the sidelines and eventually Newt felt sorry for me and came to talk.  I think I am redundant.

8 thoughts on “Fresh Meat

  1. Linda

    Well, I speak from experience to say that no, you’re neither chopped liver or redundant. Our dog is the same: loves people, wants to say hello to everyone, but then always returns and gives me a lean and a look like “I did good, right?” (this has stopped – almost entirely – because of safe distancing, which has her very disappointed sometimes)
    The the “fetching” is just about the same; she either fetches and keeps the object, or just sits beside me, and looks up silently asking “why’d you throw that?”
    I would never be without a dog…

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Yep I think it was a hair thing. Newt is a people whisperer, he knows when someone needs to be acknowledged too. Probably from his experience of being “overlooked” (no pun intended) . Those of us who are vertically challenged need to stick together.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    I bet your friend is sll grinning, hours later! What a lovely experience for her. Newt is definitely special!

  4. Kris

    I know animals identify people by more than looks, but maybe they saw your friend as someone who could pass as your sister. They may have thought she was part of the family and were investigating that possibility.
    Too crazy an idea?

  5. Margaret Robinson

    Never redundant! They just wanted to show you how “mature” they are by accepting this strange object wandering around their field.


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