Bannamin Beach

We were invited to celebrate “Day of the Icelandic Horse” by joining other Icelandic horses and their riders on Bannamin Beach in Burra – about an hour’s drive away.

We umm’ed and ahh’ed about it and decided that we would love to go and we would take the Old Men – they love the beach most.  We also decided not to do the whole ride as the horses are not really up for that and we would meet them at the beach instead.

Bannamin Beach is a beautiful sandy beach situated on a tombolo leading out to Kettla Ness peninsula.

There were ten of us in total.

We rode down the track and down some steps (which terrified me – I got off).  The other horses didn’t need asking twice.

I stood on the sidelines quivering.

We lined up for the essential always-taken photo.

“Tactics” were discussed for maximum safety – basically walk down, controlled tölt back, canter down again and then whatever back.

I let Haakon just do his own thing.  He stayed at the back and was happy enough there.

After the too-ing and fro-ing, those of us that wanted to had a little paddle.

Haakon enjoys drinking the entire sea.  It’s his thing.

It is not Iacs’ thing, though. He just stands at the edge and considers.

And then we rode up the steps, which I did manage but with my eyes shut. To me, the thought of horses and staircases does not mix. I would be hopeless at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst – they have to ride up a staircase.

And here is a little film of us all – note Haakon piggy-pacing at his top speed.  For 26 years old, he is the total best! ❤️

11 thoughts on “Bannamin Beach

  1. HDBD

    An excellent event in the beach side.
    I enjoyed a lot by going through the captions and of course the pictures are fabulous.
    Thank you very much for sharing this with us.
    Let’s hope for the best.

  2. Kerry Butler

    I so love seeing your horsey news! The beach ride looks lovely….I live in a beautiful bush area of North East Victoria, Australia so I walk in the bush every day. I regularly see kangaroos and wallabies, echidnas, wombats, and lots of birds….I love it. It’s a long way from the beach though and in these Covid times there is not much travelling going on….Thanks again for your daily pics and news – it is a bright little part of my day!

      1. Kerry Butler

        They are pretty special that is for sure – very personable and definitely have a sense of humour 🙂

  3. Christine

    I am so envious. What a beautiful place to ride! It will be something good to remember when those short, gloomy, rainy days of winter come back. And thank you for sharing the video. (I would be at the back too.)


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