The Beach

BeAnne and I haven’t been to the beach for ages so I squished her into her car-harness, into the car and off we went.

She was straight out and straight into the water.  She loves water.  Possibly an otter in a previous life.

The beach was empty apart from the seabirds.

Lots of Arctic Terns (“Tirricks”) screaming at me and flying overhead.

In my pockets were two tennis balls.  BeAnne likes beach entertainment.

And the ball came too

It was lovely.  The perfect afternoon walk.

I kept looking behind me to check we were not littering.

Because sometimes we were, so I would go back and pop the ball into my pocket.

There was enthusiam!

(the wee bunched bottooom!)

Try as I might, BeAnne will never be a retriever.  More your resentful you-can’t-have-my-bally breed!

Though, it was sometimes ditched.

You have no idea just how much I love walking with Her Maj.  Her little smiley face, her partial hearing and possibly-obedience – it all makes my heart happy.

We walked up and down the beach.

I even found five “groatie buckies” – cowrie shells, which I never see. Not ever. I always look and when I do, I pounce on them thinking I am the luckiest person alive.  Five is like a field day.

Are these Turnstones?

Anywho my little “otter” was happy.

And then spied “intruders” (she does love an intruder and I feel a little embarrassed for the poor person who thought they could enjoy the beach too).

Yes, the Patterdale terrier breeding came out – woof, woof, woof.

And more woof in case the “intruder” had not heard.

I went home.

Obviously with Her Maj.  She will sleep well tonight.

She is remembering her ruddy bally-ball.

They are now in my coat pocket – a tad soggy!

15 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. Sam

    Well you two ladies were having a Grand Day Out! Here on the New England coastline, we had a fast moving storm that killed the power to my town. Thankfully work has power so I can enjoy a wee bum running down the beach and them howling at the intruder.

  2. Carol

    this was a fun day for you and us who wait anxiously for your daily emails….
    thank you for sharing….you do a wonderful job of photo’s & comments….
    your fan…

  3. Robin Schwartz

    Your BeAnne is 100% terrier. We have a Scottie and he’s just the same. It’s my ball and you can’t have it!! Does she hunt the wee vermin too? MacKenzie is always on the lookout for wee vermin to assassinate. I love that feisty terrier personality.

  4. Mary Colleen McNamara

    So happy to see BeAnne in her element. Obviously enjoying her time as a puddle jumper and hunter.
    How come you have such colorful stones on the beach? I definitely need to come visit and walk along the beach and pick up stones 😉 wonder what customs will think of that?
    We have lots of beach (sand) here BUT no ocean.
    Both of you take care.

  5. Dona

    A Wonderful post! The photos of BeAnne, the beach and the birds All beautiful and fun. Such a high point in our day!

  6. Judi Neil

    Magic bird and beach/coast shots Frances, thanks. And it is just great to see the big smile on BeAnne’s face.

  7. diane in northern wis

    What a lovely day for you and BeAnne at the beach. I especially love the pics of her running….so cute!

  8. Rebecca Final

    What a lovely day. I aleays envy anyone who can spend time at a beach…anywhere! BeAnne looked lovely. She is definitely a personality. Kind of like a dog with “ponytude”

  9. Linda

    What a wonderful day you and BeAnn had! The scenery was beautiful (and so well photographed), and I loved that photo of those gorgeous birds sitting in the grass.
    I just bet BeAnn slept well afterwards!

  10. Simone

    I miss that beach – such lovely spot. I didn’t know you get cowrie shells, wow!
    Beautiful photos of Beanie. So good to see her bouncing and smiling again.


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