The boys watch the girls

Indy and Hammy were resting their brains in their vast field this morning.


Jo and Fi were taking the girls out for an amble and training session on the road.


So Indy and Hammy got up to have a gaze.


Andy and Charlie were in the field too and rushed up to the see the ladies.


Hammy used the opportunity to show-off.  He knows he has the moves and so strutted his stuff up and down the fence for all to appreciate.

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Then, as they rode off into the distance, he looked around and decided on doing his second best thing – which is annoy everyone else, mostly Charlie.


I love the way Charlie just stood there, completely nonplussed, while Hammy pranced around him in circles.

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Eventually Hammy successfully managed to annoy everyone.


He received a reaction from Charlie, which was what he was aiming for all along.

BN2A2910 BN2A2911

Charlie tried running away but there was no point as everything Hammy did was faster, prettier and effortless.

BN2A2917 BN2A2919 BN2A2921 BN2A2922

So Charlie stopped and they were the best of friends instead.


Having finished with Charlie, Hammy happened to find his teeth resting on IndyPingPong who also happened to be in the area.  Indy gave as good as he got.


Hammy is a glorious registered Welsh Section A boy.


He is in a different league of beauty compared to his fat little hairy Shetland pony friends.  His pedigree is exemplary too.


I always think Hammy is one of those people who has ugly friends so he can stand next to them and look the prettiest in photographs!  You know the type.


He is that kind of friend but he does love his Indy.  Best friends forever!



4 thoughts on “The boys watch the girls

  1. Linda

    I love the Ham-ster! He’s precious. Hi Hammy! Your nosey looks luffly anymore since the barbed wire incident or whatever it was that caused it to be ripped apart last year.


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