For Everyone Having a Shit Day

These incredible photos were taken of the sea today by Shetland Resolve.


I wanted you to see what we are going through at the moment.

It is hell, utter hell.


Anyway, I refuse to dwell on the weather for the moment.  It is scary beyond words and seems to have overtaken our lives.

These next photos are of “My Best Boys”   I took them yesterday and they make me smile.

First there is Storm in his favourite bestest rug.  This is his “swallowed a button” face.


And this is his “feel free to kiss my nosey” face.  He has wonderful whiskers.


Then there is Waffle.  He is known as The Waff and he is a darling boy.


This is his “I might be thinking wicked thoughts” face.


Silver is enchanting.  Of the three, he has come the furthest.  So suspicious of us all when he first arrived.  He wants to love folk but he has never forgotten what happened to him this time last year and there is always the sneaking suspicion that it might happen again.  When I listen to the wind howling and the rain thrashing I think of them out in that just standing in that muddy field waiting to die of starvation.


But once he knows he is alright, his kisses are the best.


And lastly, Tiddles.  He is learning very very quickly what works.


Fully integrated into the ways of Minion, there is no stopping this little boy.  Stubborn, solid and very determined.


So, have a smile on us and forget today.  It has gone.

“Tomorrow is another day”.

16 thoughts on “For Everyone Having a Shit Day

  1. jen

    Holy cow! That is scary weather! I had no idea. Stay safe and dry. Don’t take up surfing. 😉

    Here in California, it has been lovely and I took my pony for a walk into the woods where a little boy asked if he could sit on him. 🙂 Nothing like the fearlessness of kids.

    1. Rebecca Final

      I have to tell you, Storm and Minon remind me of my sister’s guinea pigs. Such adorable little round faces and cute lips.

      No wonder shetlands are so rugged, seeing where they come from. I just got a 3 year old foundation shetland filly. She’s adorable and I am working towards driving her.

  2. John Davies

    These waves coming in look like that could swamp everything between the beach and wherever you’re shooting the pictures from; Yikes! Your Best Boys look like they’re all in on some joke that went right over my head!

    Getting here from the link in TS is rather indirect; perhaps due to the 4 letter word in title!

  3. Elaine

    Oh my – they are two scary photos, but the gorgeous horsey ones make up for it. Just adore the “I’ve swallowed a button” look – really made me smile. Stay safe x

  4. darby

    wow! very scary indeed. hope by the time you read this the weather has passed and all are safe and sound.
    love those faces!

  5. Elizabeth Hay

    Thinking of you & the little minions. Makes looking after all my little ones look like a piece of cake! I shall never moan about it being a bit rainy & windy again. Keep safe x

  6. Mandy

    I have a picture on my wall that says “Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday, and now it is history”- it seems appropriate!
    Stay safe all…


  7. Sharrie Brockhaus

    That wall of water is truly scary to someone who never sees anything like that. It sure makes me think that my Shetland sheep came from a place with some difficult geography. However, mid continent, NA, like we are, is no picnic for them. Now I know why they thrive here with our obstinate weather. Your ponies are adorable.


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