Between Weathers

Today we had a break.  A day between weathers as they say here.


Everyone was outside making the most of this.  The last few days have been exhausting and only the bare essentials were done.


I went to check on the big boys who have been outside all the time.  Taktur came galloping down for his Extra Handsome Prince Food and I let him out to eat it on his own.


Meanwhile Kappi hung over the gate trying to convince me that he was being starved.


I wandered round the field, checking the boys, feeding them carrots and looking to see if anyone was suffering.


Errrr….. nope.


I doubt if this lot even noticed there was a storm.  They have shelter, food and fresh water.

L1130988 L1130989

Clothie, my 5 acre croft, is the perfect field for winters. I generally try to keep it just for this kind of weather. Across the open hill from Thordale means I can easily keep an eye on its occupants.


While Taktur was eating, BeAnne offered her assistance as general crumb monitor and hoover.


It was nice to see the boys and I am glad I don’t have to worry about them in these storms.  Today was a nice day but another storm is on its way for tomorrow so they will probably have to fend for themselves again.


Wish us luck, again.  The electricity has been off and on  most of the day.  I am not holding my breath.

3 thoughts on “Between Weathers

  1. Linda

    You’re a good horse-mom, Frances – and that photo of the Minions in shadow is glorious!
    Sending good thought your way for merciful weather…


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