Like many royal families and heads of state, The Minions have decided they too would like summer and winter palaces.

This is their winter palace.  One big stable with a double door the other end.  It is 5.5m x 8.5m square = very big.  The floor is rubber matting with sawdust.  On the right side I put a huge bank of hay for the boys to help themselves.

(This shed was originally intended for the Icelandic horses but they are ungrateful.  They went in, took one look, declared they hated staying in and have not been in since – so much for all horses wanting to be in during nasty weather).

Anyway, rather than leave it empty, The Minions love it.  They are far more relaxed now and have space.  The difference in them since they have been spending the coarse nights here is huge.


The downside is that they cannot come and go as they like into their field during the night and, once they are in, they are in for the night.

In the mornings, I let them out into their big field to get some fresh air.


During the daytime, the Minions have access to their Summer palace which they happily rush into when they want to.


Storm and Tiddles have rugs on outside.


Both have learned to stand nicely while we do all the clips up and Tiddles has even had his rug straps made bigger.  I think he has grown.


Waffle and Silver are fine all day without rugs.  They have lost no weight this winter but do appreciate coming in at night.


They are particularly keen on the extra food Tiddles and Storm have to eat.


Tiddles is not very keen on sharing so I tend to feed him separately if I can grab him in time.

(by the way, this is his cross face)



4 thoughts on “Palaces

  1. Linda K

    Two palaces? If only they knew how well off they were!
    I like the pics of Tiddles, the last one made me laugh. He certainly does look cross. Were you late with his dinner?

  2. Sam

    Love Tiddles’ face! And yes, Royalty does deserve summer and winter and spring palaces.
    So glad to know Storm and Tiddles have gained weight. They look adorable in their rugs.


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