Fivla and Vitamin have started their daily winter buckets now. Fivla gets less than Vitamin, but both have Turmeraid.

I put Vitamin in a separate little fenced off area so that Fivla can’t go marauding.

It just makes life much easier.

Today, I had Flossie on point.

And I also dished out a huge carrot to everyone else so they didn’t feel left out.

But the carrots quickly vanished and the begging began.

Albie – “Mum, give us food!”

Albie – “Please!”

Albie – “Pretty please!”

Albie – “Pretty please with my good little face!”

Silver:  “Food? Is there food?”

Albie – “And with my well-behaved extra smiles face!”

And Fivla kept on eating. She didn’t lift her head from her bucket until it was all gone.  Ditto Vitamin.

Silver tried his best.

Luckily a friend arrived with more carrots!  Huzzah!

Storm – “I am feeling a bit full now!”

4 thoughts on “Food!

  1. Linda Kirk

    I know they’re full of guile and cunning but I don’t know how you could resists those little faces Storm looks like I feel after eating too may Pringles.


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