Morning Chores

I woke up this morning to this…. I was quite surprised. I hadn’t been expecting snow, possibly because I hadn’t looked at the weather forecast recently. My weather addiction these past few weeks has been pushed to the limit looking at all the storms coming for us.

So I opened the bedroom window to see who/what was waiting for me.  Short wheel-base and orange? I think that’s Efstur.

Floss was in the kitchen cutting up carrots for everyone and we went outside to do our separate way. I make up haynets in the stable while Floss makes up the different buckets of hard feed. We are The Catering Department. She has her system. I have mine.

Floss kindly carries the haynets and I take the bucket.  I stand with Taktur while he eats his breakfast. Meanwhile Floss puts out four piles of hay somewhere where the wind won’t blow it away. She has various sheltered spots, depending on direction and strength.

While I stand with Taktur, who chews every mouthful 50 times, Floss takes her empty haynets, throws them into the stable, collects the other 4 buckets and the heavy haynet, lugging it over to Clothie (my croft across the hill) where the old men and the girls are.

Then when Taktur has finished his bucket, I take it to the stable and pick up the last haynet to carry over to Clothie to join Flossie.

She has already distributed the feed buckets according to who has what and her one haynet.  I throw her mine, grab the empty buckets and take them to the stream to wash, humming the theme from the Jungle Book – the song the girl sings at the end of the film.

Go back, clean buckets, vaccum puddles, make haynets for the sheep and then in for our breakfast!

4 thoughts on “Morning Chores

  1. Sam

    And here I thought Little Miss Maine Coon’s pre-dawn demands were hard. I totally understand the wacky weather. This week and next, New England will range from 18F with snow and ice on a Monday but then 55F and wind blown rain on Thursday and back again. Switching from Polar Vortex coat to winter coat to early spring coat and back again is getting old.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    A routine makes it manageable at this time of year! Makes mine look so easy – walk the dog to the stables, feed a tiny handful of chaff to Alfie. While he’s eating, feed two of the others for their owner. Turn Alfie out, with hay if the weather is foul, then muck out his stable, fill a haynet for the night, fresh water and another tiny feed to come into later. All done in 30 minutes then walk the dog back home to breakfast.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Whew! I’m tired just reading about your routine. You guys really work hard. What a labor of love from you two. Incredible.


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