Monster sat on me!

When something happens in this house, no one will believe you unless there is photographic evidence.  Thems are the rules.

So, here goes – the other evening, Monster sat on me.  I was thrilled (that’s my thrilled face).

Monster, as a rule, only sits on my OH.  Everyone else doesn’t really exist in his mind.

OH was away for the night working on another island.  So, I was next best!  Yay for me.

Floss and I were watching our Chinese drama on the telly.  I could see Monster was interested too.

Quite interested – Zzzz……

This is my text conversation with Daisy….

There has to be photographic evidence or it didn’t happen.

6 thoughts on “Monster sat on me!

  1. Sam

    CONGRATS!!!! Even if Monster had 3 dinners….he chose your lap over a cat bed. I too, would never wash those clothes, even if you were blessed with a lap full of white cat hair winding it’s self into the knit of your sweater.

  2. Celeste

    Hurray! He loves you! Yes he does! Wonderful photos and both of you have gorgeous smiles. That sweater is beautiful too, what a classic. I can’t think of anything nicer in the whole world than having a fire going, something good on tv and a cat on my lap. It’s my favorite way to spend a winter evening.

  3. Mary Colleen McNamara

    WHITE CAT , Monsters SW cousin likes laps” when he wants one”. He especially likes to be scratched under the chin and on each side under his ears. His expression is one of pure bliss. BUT he wakes me at 2:30 AM to “get a scratch”, that is not acceptable.
    Congrats on being the chosen one 😉

    We had 3 inches of snow today, YEAH, more promised for next week.


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