The Arrival of the Queen of Sheep(a)

While Daisy was having a riding lesson, Flossie was looking after my camera while busy chatting to ‘Bert, who had decided he was in a sociable mood.

Lambie had quickly hidden himself away around the corner having discovered some stacked bales of bedding straw left over from last winter. I think he has made it his mission to personally eat them both, which he will over time.  Last year, he ate cardboard boxes.  This year, it is straw as I have learned my lesson.

‘Bert continued to entertain Flossie.  Silly boy.

He is a funny caddie sheep (not lamb anymore) who is, of them all, probably the most “normal”.  I know my lads very well. They all have very different characters.

Meanwhile, Lambie had left his private straw bale supply and wanted some of the limelight.  Lambie is more like a dog than an actual sheep while ‘Ster has attachment issues.  He hates being by himself and seeks out company whenever he can.

BeAnne was sitting on Bjørn’s knee doing her extra resentful face while Lambie smiled happily for the camera.

Lambie knows how to work the room. 

He has been practising his Winning Smile since Day 1.

So while Daisy rode round and round the school, Flossie was Queen of Sheep(a) for the day.

It is usually my job.  And now I think of it, I don’t have any “normal” sheep or ponies even.  Probably just as well. I wouldn’t know what to do with them anyway.

4 thoughts on “The Arrival of the Queen of Sheep(a)

  1. Sam

    Who defines “normal”? I think having Sheep Dogs and loving ponies is just fine. That winning smile of Lambie’s is delightful. Glad Bert and Ster are still hanging with the humans even if it does annoy Her Maj.

  2. Terri

    Normal is highly overrated. Quirky is more interesting! I’m so happy that ‘Bert no longer hears the Call of the Wild and realizes the benefits of life at Thordale. BeAnne has known this all along. She would never run away from home.
    PS How can one not smile when Lambie smiles? (it’s contagious)

  3. diane in northern wis

    Queen of Sheep for the day……what a fun job. Especially since your sheep are all so darling! Especially that Smiley one with the oh-so-interesting face! Love your animals, Frances…..and Thanks for sharing them with us. Great Blog!

  4. Louise Stopford

    Lovely photo’s of the boys – all three are so handsome. I bet they are a delight to have around as they seem such a friendly trio. My friend keeps sheep (pets) in Scotland. Funnily enough the one ram that she bottle fed and brought up turned out to be very aggressive with humans (even though he was castrated). Unfortunately, she had to find him an alternative home as he became very dangerous and was a very big ram with large horns. I would have thought more of a bond would have been struck up between them, but perhaps the fact he was orphaned made him resentful.


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