Follow Your Leader

Everyone was hanging around the gate unaware that I had made the track bigger while they were eating their breakfast.  They only watched me move all the fence posts and do some serious maths with the electric wire (err…. wind it round the posts!)

So I popped a headcollar on Vitamin because she is still the herd leader and I knew (hoped) the ponies would all follow her to their new-to-them pasture.  I also shouted at them to follow.

First Albie followed and then others got the message.  They didn’t want to miss out on anything that someone else might be having and, yes, we have mud but it is not very deep and worth battling through to get to the better grass.

Tail-end Charlie – or Newt – was trotting to keep up.  He suddenly looked up and saw everyone had vanished.

Once they realised where they were and what I had done, everyone was very pleased.

Even Fivla perked up and thought this was much better than a day in the shed.

I want the old ladies to get into the routine of going out during the day and they can come back inside at night. I send them out after a big breakfast to keep their guts ticking over all the time.  Colic is my enemy.

Vitamin tucked into the grass and looked perfectly normal.

Actually, they all did, though possibly not the normal bit.

I like seeing the herd all back together again.  Being with everyone, is what gives Vitamin and Fivla their purpose in life.

Eating on your own can be very dull.

3 thoughts on “Follow Your Leader

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    I will go to sleep tonight knowing that there are happy ponies in a lovely pasture and that none of them is in any danger of starving in your care. Enjoy your weekend.


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