Guess Who Is Home?

Floss came home yesterday after an arduous flight – thank you LoganAir for the blatant lies, disregard for your passengers while you wasted everyone’s precious time – from Edinburgh.  She is home to kindly look after the animals while I go to London next week with friends.

Fivla was of course thrilled to see her owner had come home.

Floss and Fivla have been together since they were both 3 years old.

This morning Lambie et al came rushing up to Flossie.  That is Lambie’s typical “I love her more than you” face which he does at me.  Ingrate, I told him as I went to get everyone’s breakfasts.

Then it was Monster’s turn to show is his love and appreciation of Flossie.  I think we can safely say he is not a huge Flossie fan because he only loves OH and Daisy.

And parmesan!

He definitely loves parmesan.

We did not know this.

This afternoon, I made up the fold-out bed in my shed as the house will be full when my friends arrive. I asked Floss to give it a try for comfort and Pepper jumped on too.

Lots of helping.  Pepper is fan of everyone, especially unsuspecting victims of being jumped on.

Despite Monster’s bad manners, (I’m sorry he was sitting on the kitchen table), we are all very pleased to have Floss home.

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