Grotty Day, Even Grottier Photos

This morning the weather deteriorated and I gave in and fed the little hobbitses a second breakfast.

No one was shivering, which cheered me up, as we are still in double digits temperature-wise, but it was a mean gale-force north wind, which never helps.

Everyone was sodden and they huddled around their haynet stuffing their faces.

The hay was warming them and cheering them up too.

Silver had his own haynet. He doesn’t like sharing very much. It’s not his thing.  He’s not mean, he just likes some solitude (read peace and quiet) when eating.  And, oh the mud. The horrid mud.  It really is too much and it’s not even November yet.  Around the edge of this part of the field is hard-standing with mud on top.

After a well-deserved lunch for myself at the church café, I returned to see the ponies had discovered the new eating area that I had created by pulling the electric fence back a good piece.

As it had stopped raining (but still blowing hard), I made the decision to put Fivla and Vitamin outside to join their friends.  I am determined their life will not just be in the shed if I can get the balance right.

Later on, when I went out to check on everyone, Fivla saw me and came running so I hid hoping she would stay with her friends and eat the newly released grass, rather than wait at the gate to go back inside again.

Yes, I now have to hide from my ponies!

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