Foal Fuzz

The best thing about the girls are they are all very easy to catch so today we tackled the Foal Fuzz.


Last year’s foal girlies, Lyra and Carina had to be de-fuzzed, ie lose their winter coats.


Shetland pony winter foal fur is massive.  You only ever see it on the yearlings.  It has to be as everyone lives out and they need it to keep them warm through their first Shetland winter.  It serves a purpose but has to go.


The fur mats and has an unbeliveable strength to fight the brush.  We use a Mars Coat King on them.


We also gave Carina a brush and I de-matted Raw Deal’s tail as she is about the right height for me and easy to work with.  She did appreciate that and just stood there while I sorted it out. My kinda pony.


We attacked with gusto, trying to strip last winter’s coat right back.  It was very hard work and the Lyra and Carina did their best.  I think they always appreciate it a few days later on.


The fur was collected up into a sack and is sitting in the back of the car.  Both colours are solely black and I am sure there is something to made out of this.  Apparently the Vikings used to spin with it or matt and felt it or make it into something useful.


Luckily, everyone was very helpful and that makes all the difference when you are doing such an arduous task like this.


Afterwards, the mares took everyone away and had a silly half hour galloping about.  It was lovely to watch.  You can almost feel their newly found freedom from their huge constricting winter coats.


Next the boys…… (Oh, golly, that will be a rugby scrum, I would think).


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