Flowers in your Hair

If you’re going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair….

by Scott McKenzie

Himself was mooching about while we were doing feet.  He likes to mooch.  Its his “thing”.


He mooches because, I think, he has a regular supply of small children who adore him.  They visit often and were seen hopping up and down by the roadside trying to catch his attention.  Methinks he also knows his way around a picnic too.


He likes to keep an eye.  Make sure we are doing things properly.  He had his hooves trimmed and I had another lovely chat and snog with him.  His nose is addictive.

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And then he had a little roll because, I dunno, he could?

BN2A7378 BN2A7379

(another Ferdinand the Bull moment.  It runs in the Thordale Stud stallions)


I laughed when he got up.  I’m sorry but I did.


Then he had a shake, which didn’t make anything better.


And he stood there looking a bit “speshul”.


Obviously, embracing his feminine side and searching for his inner hippy, Indy wore this look well.  Some can and some can’t.  Personally, I think he can.


A very handsome boy who enjoys exploring all aspects of his, err, flowery side!


I cleaned him up a little so he hid behind a large fern.  I don’t actually think there is anyone more gorgeous on this entire planet than Indy PingPong.  He is such a dude.


Of course, I can only think this when I am not near Taktur who is the personification of all things gorgeous, but please don’t tell Indy.  Conversations about Taktur bore him.


(and Taktur doesn’t wear flowers like Indy can)

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