Change the Subject

This is about as close as Loki can get to Wussums (on the roof).


This is not good – they hate each other.  Tis a fact and one we are not likely to change in the near future so we keep them apart.


To change the subject, we took Loki and BeAnne to Sandness beach for a nice walk.  Things are getting a tad tense at home, which does not make for a learning environment for any of us.


Sandness Beach was empty.  It is mostly like this which spoils us because if anyone dared to turn up, we would take exception at their presence.  After all, this is “our” beach.

L1090014 L1090016

BeAnne loves the beach.  She especially enjoys paddling.


But best, she likes swimming and she sets off like a clock-work boat in the bath.


She is particularly good at bringing back bits of wood that anyone lobs into the sea for her.  This used to be Celt’s thing but BeAnne has taken on the mantle now (so proud, sniff).


We didn’t dare let Loki off the lead.  He seems to have totally forgotten any recall at the moment so we cannot take the risk.


OH is working on Loki’s speshul skills like coming when he is called.


Both dogs get on fine – no arguments about anything.

L1090153  L1090166

It is still early days and we will get there.  We are all learning and today was another wake-up call.


To cheer me up, we popped by to see PingPong and his laydeez.


I miss him so much. I miss his jolly little self, his gorgeous good looks and infinite charm (plus the way his belly touches the grass).


I think he is looking rather superb at the moment.



I will admit that I gave him a huge snog and told him he was very very handsome (I have a feeling he already knows this as every small child that goes past on their way to school has given him their sandwiches).


2 thoughts on “Change the Subject

  1. Martine

    Loki sounds a lot like our Cookie (she’s a Whirrier – thanks for that word, it’s perfect!!) I picked her up off the side of the road in a completely panicky state when she was about 18 months old.
    After two years, she still wants to rid the world of feline-kind and her recall is very shaky at the best of times. The only way we can leave her off leash is in a big open space with a ball of some description. As long as she concentrates on the ball, we play along, but as soon as her attention begins to wander we have to put her back on the leash or she’ll disappear into the nearest thicket.
    I have no advice for you, we’ve just learned to live with it but thank goodness for those retractable leashes, eh!!! I used to hate them, I’m a complete convert. It gives us a compromise where she can run back & forth a bit and burn off some energy!


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