Feet and Hair

Feet are like the Forth Bridge.  They never stop needing attention.  This is Jo’s kit and very useful it is.  She is on the UK Farrier Register too.


These days, all I do is stand around and take photographs.  I am too broken to help much.  However, I did manage to hold PingPong to stop him eating.  It makes Jo’s job much harder if his head is welded to the ground.


All the horses are very good at having their feet done, even the babies.  They also don’t mind the dogs trawling round looking for off-cuts to chew.


Fiona arrived and took one look at Verona’s mane – this is her “Ugh” face – and set to.


As I said, the dogs trawl around and BeAnne has absolutely no idea that she might be kicked.  My heart jumped when I saw this and I yelled at her to move.  Some ponies would not be so tolerant.


The winter mane was pulled out in large clumps.


Snati decided to scrag BeAnne, much to her annoyance but she put up with it.


To get him to leave her alone, we put her on Verona’s back.  I love the way she has her tongue stuck out (probably at Snati!)


BeAnne sat smugly on Verona’s back who has never had a dog there in her life until yesterday. BeAnne’s triumphant smile says it all. Love it!


Fiona tirelessly continued her work.


(an excellent riding seat)


And, again, my heart went into mouth when I saw what liberties BeAnne took with Verona.  FFS, she could be kicked but it doesn’t dawn on either of them to react.  Ponies like this are worth their weight in gold.  I don’t care if Verona hasn’t been in the show ring – there should be a Class specifically called Can Your Terrier Walk Under Your Pony’s Belly Class.  Few would be in this class and Verona should win.


Can I add, I do not promote this dog’s behaviour.  It was just something I happened to capture on film and BeAnne would be the first to save herself should shit happen.  Shit rarely does because she is mostly good at keeping out of it.

Anyway, Verona is now beautiful again in body as well as mind, which is exemplary.  My kind of Shetland pony.


2 thoughts on “Feet and Hair

  1. Martine

    One of my dogs tried to chew on a horses hoof one day… why wait for the farrier to throw the trimmings away!
    (The horse was surprised and stamped her foot but did not try to kick Cayley)


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