Flossie’s Photos

Me:  Floss, can I ask a favour?
Floss:  What? (guarded)

Me:  I can’t use the photos I took for the blog this morning (I was experimenting and sadly, the results were rubbish).  I have to go to Lerwick this afternoon, please can you take some pics of the chaps for me?
Floss:  Ok (grudgingly, I might add and I even offered her my little Leica to play with).

Anyway, I have to say, Floss’ photos are brilliant.  I love them.

Her camera (her phone) lets her down but she gets it.  Like Daisy, she has a good eye.

I am truly blessed – both my daughters take good photographs and films.  This is an important skill.

I love this sequence – Klængur is drinking from the burn while Kappi watches on.

This is an unusual sight – Kappi playing.

Yes, grabbing your orange friend by the neck out is considered fun.

These two are good friends.

“Guys, guys – where are you guys?” – Iacs has looked up from grazing to find everyone has moved on without him.  It happens all the time.

A great shot.

It is so important that the herd can relax knowing they are safe and happy.

Newt will probably rule the world.

He is 17hh after all (*** shush, say nothing *** no one has told him ***)

7 thoughts on “Flossie’s Photos

  1. Terri

    Beautiful! A different take on life at Thordale….
    I’m very pleased that Newt has found a happy home and is accepted “as is”!


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