A Field of Friends

Out there is a field of friends.

A friend of every type, for every occasion.

There are no rules, except perhaps for one – (Confucious says) “it is always a bad idea to roll when your best friend is sitting next to you”.

And, again because there are no rules,  it is always wise to have a bigger friend in the background looking out for you (especially when you are only 28″ high) because you just never know.

Ok, I give up on the No Rules scenario – “A substantial bottom is a happy bottom”. Iacs will vouch for this.

“Your are never alone”.

Channelling your inner Derp.

And then, in a blink of an eye, Iacs shows his noble self.  He’s got it sussed.

Darling Albie is wonderful and I am so very proud of him.   A more loving Shetland pony would be hard to find.  Not a mean bone, not a nibble, ever. I spend hours just being hugged by him and Newt.

Albie and Newt have not noticed their BFF’s (Waffle, Silver, Storm and Tiddles) have left to live with the girls for the winter.  To be honest though, I thought they would mind terribly but, no, these little guys are always together and very happy.

Efstur is turning into a very special lad.

Taktur, on the other hand, wants to be a donkey in his spare time!

(So, that’s some of the boys – out in the field behind the house.  The best therapy on a bad day and they have a wonderful way of putting my world back into perspective.)

2 thoughts on “A Field of Friends

  1. Linda

    A wonderful family album, Frances. And yes, animals DO have a way of putting everything into perspective, don’t they?


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