Flossie Left

Well, that’s us for another year.  Flossie has gone back south and we will all miss her hugely.

Floss and Newt

I listened-in while she said goodbye to Fivla, who has always been her beloved special pony – “You have got to be here the next time I come home”, she said  (*** sniff ***).  I totally agree but we all know this is never a certainty when everyone is very old.

Floss and Fivla

We sat down on the bank by the stream and Newt came over to make Flossie laugh.

And then he went through her pocketses just in case.

A small little hobbit, that’s Newt.

I love this photo very much.

And then Albie arrived, as he was with Newt keeping him company.

It’s always good to see Flossie whenever she wants to come home.  I wish it was more but she is new to her job so has very few holidays and she is saving them in case there is an emergency here, which is very sweet of her.

13 thoughts on “Flossie Left

  1. Sam

    What a lovely series of pictures! I understand Flossie’s chat with Fivla. It is the same one I have daily with Little Miss Maine Coon – who is almost 17yrs.

    1. Frances Post author

      Oh my word. 17yo. That’s a good age. Fat Gerbil (orange cat) lived until he was 22 yo.

  2. Colleen McNamara

    What beautiful pictures!! sorry it was s short visit but she is a wise woman to plan ahead. Fingers crossed and prayers always. Have shared the blog with a friend , she may subscribe. Loves all the critters. Unfortunately she just had to put down her horse 29 yrs old (who was a younger 4 yrs sister to mine) . Both are running in those fields across the rainbow bridge with their mom, and dad . She has a burro who is very lonely; hoping to find a companion for him. Things are never easy are they?
    Thanks for the blog and all the wonderful adventures you take us on.
    I am 4 wks post TKR, your missives help me rehab. and look forward to the days I will be more mobile.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    It must be so difficult for you when your girls leave but these photographs are fabulous. xx

  4. darby callahan

    Just beautiful, so much love here. I have a friend who recently lost her pony, who was probably at least part Shetland at the age if 51. My grandchildren had their first ride on a horse on him, Grasshopper, when they were toddlers. Now thy are 19 and 21.

  5. diane in Northern wis

    So good to see Flossie. So hard when our dear ones have to leave again. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Hope you have good memories to hold you until; the next visit.


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