To Work

I’ve been meaning for ages to brush out the winter coats from all the horses and ponies but then I realised we were going to have visitors and they might like doing this.

So I suggested brushing might be a fun activity for all.

And, yes, everyone grabbed a brush, a pony and brushed out all the old winter coats.  We only had to tie up the unco-operative ones, like Vitamin and Tiddles.

I think the ponies were much happier to lose their heavy itchy winter coats.  Recently, I have been watching them rub their bottoms on all my fences.  I also put on their yearly insecticide treatment afterwards to kill any unwanted beasties.

The dogs were very good, sitting close by and enjoyed watching us working hard.

And all the ponies behaved beautifully, standing patiently while they were brushed, except for Tiddles who kept walking away, hence the headcollar.

And, yes, Waffle tried to get the bottle of mane/tail conditioner. I watched him trying very hard to unhook it off the fence.   He does like toys.

So, job done and thank you very much to everyone who participated and helped.  I can tick that job off my to-do list.

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