One Day More

This blog has had a severe lack of horses, and today I went out to see how they were coping without Mum and Daisy.


Once Klaengur managed to pull himself away from the grass, he noticed my presence. Any further attempts to get a good picture of him were soon abandoned as he, like Sylvester, has the extraordinarily ability to move precisely when you try to take a picture.


Taktur soon came to investigate, and noticed an excellent opportunity to annoy.


A Mummy’s boy he may be, but he still has a ‘rebellious streak’, in my opinion.


Soon he was replaced by Iacs, and the two began to plot what I assumed was their revenge (or possibly the pact to follow me around the field and ‘help’.


I turned my attention to Haakon the gentleman, who patiently waited where he was the whole time, watching us with what looked like detached curiosity.


It’s BeAnne’s operation tomorrow, and I think she knows. That or she’s pining. Meanwhile, Loki hasn’t run away today, to my knowledge. He briefly disappeared this afternoon for a few minutes, but soon trotted back in, oblivious to Richard’s calls.


And Jack is just the same as ever.


3 thoughts on “One Day More

  1. Kim

    Great photos. Thanks for filling in for you mum.

    It’s BeAnne’s operation tomorrow

    What surgery is our precious BeAnne going to undergo? Poor baby.

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you! I think she’s having a cyst on her face removed (though I can’t see one) and Mum will be back to take her to the operation.

  2. Sam

    Lovely Haakon pictures. Thanks for filling us in on BeAnne’s operation, updates on the horses, Loki and JACK. Your cat is quite the handsome man!


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