Winter Has Come

Or at least it certainly seems like it. It’s been pouring all day, and now the smell of wet dog permeates the house. Again, you are stuck with low quality pictures for a few days. Mum did try to set up a camera on her way out, but it made a funny noise and wouldn’t work.

On another note, Mum left early this afternoon, having spent the morning packing for the hospital…


and of course, saying goodbye to her beloved BeAnne.


Meanwhile, Wu supervised the proceedings.


At least until he got bored and decided to investigate other things.


It’s not the same without Mum here, even after a few hours. The dogs can certainly feel the difference.



In the mean time, I shall try and find something to write about and watch Storage Hunters, all the while attempting to console BeAnne.


4 thoughts on “Winter Has Come

  1. John & Tama

    We hope for a quick and complete recovery; my wife has had problems with her ankle and foot and has had to wear a huge boot for 6 months of so as a result!


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