First Day of Training

As we arrived on Sunday morning, we met Esja and her owner coming up the track.  Esja used to belong to us and it was lovely to see her again and looking so well too.

There was a diligent group of spectators perched on the side of the arena, now possibly suffering from hypothermia.

Daisy went in with Kappi.


Kappi’s has lovely hair.

They both worked very hard.

Midway through the lesson, someone brought their sheep up to meet and greet the on-lookers, as you do.  It’s a Shetland thing.

BeAnne also did her best to entertain the troops.

Straight after her lesson on Kappi, Daisy rode Taktur.  Luckily she is used to this kind of set-up at home so just tacked up and got on with it.

Taktur tried his best but the Lady-Girls kept distracting him.

Flossie was on Kappi duty while he cooled down and had a bit of grass to eat.

Taktur, I think, won the Best Hairdo of the Day Award but he is always very handsome.  It’s his job.

Icelandic horses were coming and going all the time.

The fog also came down but, as usual, we all just got on with whatever the weather threw at us.

After the day of lessons, there was a bit of a break, then a Chinese takeaway in the hall.  Elisabeth Jansen, our trainer, gave an interesting lecture on the bio-mechanics of the Icelandic horse.

It was a very long day, but a good one.

(BeAnne slept through the lecture – I brought her “travel” bed in for her.  I always keep it in the back of the car.)

2 thoughts on “First Day of Training

  1. Sam

    Lovely hair on the boys! Wish mine was so full. And BeAnne seems to have worked her magic on the cold spectators. Nice to have her travel bed at hand.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Great pictures. Wow your horses always look like they’re in top form! Daisy rides them so well! Thanks for sharing these special days with us. Such fun to see. Sorry the weather wasn’t any better.


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