Naming Day!

We have tried every name for a day that we could possibly think of for this new cat.






Despot (though he is a lot better with Her Maj).  The attacks have stopped.  There is the odd bit of hissing but he is mostly realised BeAnne is no threat.

Pol Pot


But we have settled on Mons, short for Monster.

He is a very nice boy. I am glad we have found his name. It took a while but we think Monster is his name.

Edit:  Just to say that Monster is registered with our vet as “White Panther” – this was before we came up with his name.

6 thoughts on “Naming Day!

  1. Sam

    Here’s hoping Monster will not live up to his name in the future. Maybe then he’ll be Mr.Man.
    In any case, he is a lovely looking dude.

  2. Rebecca Final

    I have one that looks very very much like him only slightly longer hair. His name is…. Cat. Actually it was BC for Barn Cat but he would rather lay on the couch, so just Cat now.

  3. Carol E

    Gosh, on instinct, it seems Monster would get shortened to ‘Ster. It’s a nice sounding, cozy, friendly name, right? Oh — that’s right, you already have a ‘Ster . Mons he shall be. I’m glad he’s settling in. He is astonishingly huge.


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