Getting There

Little BeAnne has found her appetite – mostly due to me feeding her home-cooked roast chicken from a spoon (don’t judge me – I am desparate and perfectly aware of how low I have sunk but needs must).

However, I do have a secret weapon – The Monster!

He doesn’t take prisoners and is mostly used as my last resort.

He always appears for food!  It is a very important part of his life.

It seems Monster has settled in well to our Shetland life.

He likes to follow us everywhere, trying out new skills – like balancing on the fence.

Not being a small cat (other folk have small, petite, light-framed little felines – I don’t), Monster struggles with his tightrope act.

Whatever it takes really.  He swayed to and fro trying to regain his dignity and composure.

And eventually he heaved his large self back up onto the narrow fence.

I will admit that I was laughing.

Despite his every effort, Monster remains very visible.

He is a happy chap.

Today we were sent a large box of lovely things.  After unpacking, I gave Monster the box to see if he was a Box Cat.

He happily jumped in,  which made me smile as I like a Box Cat.



10 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. Sam

    No judgement – what ever it takes to get our four legged family members to eat is fine. I have spoon fed aging cats tuna and baby food, so BeAnne has my sympathies for all her trials.

    Monster, however, makes me chuckle with his less-than-graceful fence climbing skills. And Mister Maine Coon is our food hog, like Monster. Call him the “Walking Vacum of Food”.

  2. Terri

    Very happy to hear about BeAnne (oh the things we do to get our pets to eat!) — and pleased that Monster stepped in to help in her recovery. Mon is certainly quite the circus performer! He fits into Thordale, inside and out. (too bad about his lack of camouflage, but there are no predators, and at least you can easily spot him)

  3. Trish

    Haha Monster reminds me of my huge 1 year old Russian blue cat, Teddy, who also struggles with climbing, balancing and other graceful stuff. He’s a happy soul though !

  4. Darby

    Your Monster in spite of his ungainliness is quite the handsome chap! So glad that BeAnne is doing better.

  5. Margaret Robinson

    Okay, okay – despite the wonderful pics of BeAnne and Monster (who is handsome even when ungainly) – what were the “lovely things” in the box???????? Will you not share, jeez. Sometimes the important stuff gets forgotten.


  6. diane in northern wis

    I really like your Monster. He reminds me of many of our big cats we had over the years. I especially liked your pics of him hanging on to the fence for dear life. .. …and of course….in the box!

  7. louise whyte

    I takes a lot for a cat to look inelegant but Monster has achieved it perfectly!

    He is adorable.

  8. Louise Stopford

    Glad that BeAnne is doing well. Monster has really settled in to your Shetland way of life. He’s a gorgeous chap, I love the photo’s of him doing his own thing. We have a box permanently on our living room floor for the cats.

  9. Linda

    I’m completely with you on the chicken; with one of our older dogs, it was the only thing she would eat.
    Great photos of Monster – cats are so invested in looking cool, it’s that much more fun to see them when they aren’t!
    What a welcome addition to your family 🙂


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