Filthy Day

Today was a filthy day. The weather was unceasing and so it was a case of dressing for the weather, heads down and getting on with it.  The animals still needed to be fed and checked.

The sheep got a nice new bale of straw and a “floor hay” (gleannings off the floor) haynet in their bedroom, so they all to a sheep went outside and ignored my largesse.

I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  Having seen how few sheep are in my “field” in Lerwick, I spent the afternoon making a new little chap to add.

I am also trying to get back into the routine of transcribing my Great-Great-Aunt’s diaries. I do this for two hours every evening after supper.  I always wanted to reach the end before Mum died but sadly I didn’t manage it.  I have reached 1926 with only another 35 years to go! I will finish this project – it is just taking longer than I anticipated.  I hope someone does read it after all this effort.

My great uncle Philip with his dog, Brent, on Hampstead Heath – 1926

7 thoughts on “Filthy Day

  1. Jan Knight

    I have started to read Aunt Kate’s Diaries, it’s a fascinating read. I love the social commentary regarding what she did with her days. Keep going Frances ,x

  2. Joe Boyd

    I have followed Aunt Kate’s diaries since the beginning. Been missing it, but I know you have had a very full plate recently. I look forward to picking it up again (after you get your sheepfold filled, of course). Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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