A Normal Day!

From this morning.

Pepper was around and about “helping” in her own way and I have no idea why Harrel, who is now second in line for a sainthood, doesn’t tell her to go away.  I think he quite likes her secretly.

‘Ster was also very patient with his new friend.  Here he is explaining The Rules.

And here she is ignoring them and explaining hers!

It was a lovely, if cold, morning.

And we fed all the outside animals before breakfast as the sun was rising.

As the van is now back working, Floss and I did a quick dash to town for supplies.

Up and down the Street. Note-to-self, make more sheeple.

And we admired the “Christmas” window displays.

Reward = the best fish and chips eaten sitting in the car park.




6 thoughts on “A Normal Day!

  1. Sam

    So Pepper is the Hostess with the Mostess? Seems she has taken on the duty of greeter. Not a bad thing. Harrel is on the Saint List for sure!

  2. Linda

    Beautiful photos of the sunrise! And such sweetness between Pepper and the sheep – I believe most animals can sense a “baby” animal and (usually) act towards them with gentleness, playfulness, and patience. Thinking especially of Monster – and Ted – with Pepper…


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