Feeling Better

I happened to be in Sandness this afternoon, so I thought I would pop by The Minions and spend some time with them.

Always a pleasure, never a chore.


Storm and Waffle were first up and Silver took his time.  He is investigating and getting braver every day.  Today he wanted me to kiss him on the nose.  A first for him.

After a good 20 minutes of being very much loved and appreciated, the boys went off to play.

Waffle was still feeling a bit sore and not very enthusiastic. He stayed with me while Silver and Storm were racing round giggling and biting each other happily.


They would run at me and swerve at the last minute.  I was sitting on the ground with Waffle who just wanted to be hugged (of course, I duly obliged – it would’ve been rude not to).

Watching the other two was very refreshing.  They made me smile with their enthusiasm for life and sense of humour.


Remember – six months ago The Minions barely  had the strength to walk.  All their energy was being used in staying alive.

Today’s photos speak volumes to me.  I never intended to keep any of The Minions.  It just happened and I am glad of it.  They have changed my life for the better and I hope I have done likewise for them too.

BN2A3573   BN2A3609BN2A3659BN2A3675BN2A3683BN2A3695

I can see that Waffle’s castration has taken it out of him but he is getting better every day.

BN2A3612 BN2A3649

When I get my Land Rover home (having a service and MOT), then I will go and collect my boys  from Sandness and bring them home.

We all miss them and they need their Mum.

BN2A3736 BN2A3740 BN2A3663

9 thoughts on “Feeling Better

  1. Linda K

    I love Silver’s colouring and glad to see he’s gaining in confidence. They are very lucky little ponies. I love following their progress and seeing them so obviously happy, content and cared for.

  2. Mairead

    Its lovely to see them so happy and healthy and doing what they should – enjoying life! I hope Waffle recovers soon.

  3. Sam

    I cringe when I think back to you getting the Minions. Wondering if they would make it or not.
    A truer testimony to the care you, your family and Jo gave these boys could not be had. LOVE the pictures of them playing.

  4. Roberta Earley

    Shetlands being Shetlands…………………so much better than being stabled, rugged and the joy of being alive………and loved


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