Foalie Foalios

I love foals.


So when Bjørn Roar Larsen of Bergli Stud asked me to come over and photograph his mares and foals yesterday afternoon, I was very happy to oblige.  I love requests like this.


Obviously I took all the “posh/official” photos for their website (to go up later when I am told who is who) but it was the unusual pictures that I liked best – the ones you take when the ponies think your back is turned and no one is looking.


Then Bjørn shouted for his girls and all the miniature mares and their foals came running over.

BN2A3235 BN2A3250

I think I am in love.  No seriously. I love miniature Shetland ponies.  I can’t think of a job for them but I could hug them all day.


They are just so deliciously cute and so so teensy. I have bigger dogs.

BN2A3277 BN2A3309  BN2A3345  BN2A3381  BN2A3470 BN2A3478 BN2A3485   BN2A3505 BN2A3515

This is my little boy (below).  He is the one we spent all afternoon lying on the ground trying to get him to suck from his mother a few weeks back.


Bjørn and I sat down in the field and the foal came up to me.  You have no idea just how proud I felt of The Shetland Foal Milk Service.  We had achieved and obviously this foal recognised me and loves me most (yer, right!)


This just confirms to me that every foal is important.


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