Visitors, Not Victims

Some visitors to Shetland asked to meet our Shetland ponies.  I am never one to say no as I believe in promoting Shetland ponies from Shetland.

Firstly we took them to meet the girls – the mares and the fillies.


Obviously the thought of new victims, sorry, visitors, made everyone rush over.


As ever, I don’t believe in wasting an empty pair of arms so I gave our visitors a brush and put them to work!


The girls loved it and so did our guests.

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We chatted, brushed, chatted, brushed and chatted while a variety of Shetland pony mares and fillies introduced themselves to be groomed.


Next it was The Minions’ turn.  They  had already become acquainted to them from this blog but wanted to meet them in person.


They had the sense to bring bribery, as in carrots.


I was proud of the lads.  They are not very good with strangers but they were gentle, happy and relaxed around these people.


Silver even made a huge effort to be “one of the boys”.  He is beginning to come out now and I am pleased about that.


Storm even went to sleep beside us, which made me realise that they are totally relaxed.  He could’ve remained standing up.



(Tears to Eyes Moment, I will admit – no horse has ever lain down next to me to zzzzzzz……)

3 thoughts on “Visitors, Not Victims

  1. Louise

    The mare in the pic with the yellow curry comb has the most beautiful eye. Your visitors were very lucky x

  2. Sam

    Testament to the love and hard work with the Minions that Storm fell asleep on the ground next to you.


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