Gale force winds and horizontal rain but we knew this was coming, so the herd are in the big field with the most shelter.  As you can see, they are suffering and miserable in this weather so force themselves to eat and eat.  Bless them for trying.  They are such troupers.


I did go outside once.  It was thoroughly over-rated.

So I stood upside down under the piano to find my flash attachment for the posh camera and thought I would do some animal portraits.

It was then I realised I couldn’t remember how the flash worked and it was certainly living up to its name by flashing the LED panel at the back and over-exposing all my photos.

Unimpressed with this, I stood on my head again and found the instructions. I sat down and read them (RTFM in other words).

I was none the wiser as the words it was flashing were not in the manual.  So I surfed about a bit on the inter-super-highway and found others with the same problem.  Apparently the flash was broken.

Rather than give up, I switched it on and off a bit, which made no difference and then had a flash of inspiration (see what I did there, geddit?).  I took the batteries out and put them back.

Ta da! My flash now worked.

So here are some results.

Loki who has improved immensely and is described as “almost good” now.

BN2A1644 BN2A1657 BN2A1732

The aged Jack (et-Potato) – still with us and slightly continent on a good day with the wind behind him going downhill.


Wussumly-Pussumly – he knows where you live.  You are all doomed (so you know).

BN2A1681 BN2A1694 BN2A1697

And, of course, Her Maj, aka BeAnne Duvet Soufflé Princess Chantelle Shaznay du Mezzanine.

BN2A1707 BN2A1716

The very definition of Perfection (nodding off).


4 thoughts on “Family

  1. Linda

    Hooray for Jack’s reprieve and subsequent rally! You just never know…
    I personally like the “grotty” photos (not that I agree they’re grotty). It’s Autumn, to be followed by Winter, which – let’s face it – can be a grotty time of year.
    Love the dog “portraits”!


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