Bad Light

Yesterday looked like this.  Calm, beautiful calm and such a gorgeous autumnal light.


Today, I struggled.  The forecast is grotty so I put the thin blue waterproof rug on Storm.

(Note, Storm and Taktur are sharing a bucket because BeAnne is doing the washing up).


Today was dark so not worth getting a camera out and I apologise for the grott-factor of the photos.  Tomorrow is much worse (gale plus rain) so I gave everyone some remains of hard feed and hay as well as moved them to the good sheltered field.  If I don’t get out tomorrow, the horses will at least have shelter and grass in their bellies.


The three Minions were shown their dry shed with toys and hay.  They can stay around the house.


Little Storm, once in his anorak, was very happy.  He was intrigued by a big bag of sand.


And of course his BeAnne.  They remain great friends.  She never snaps at him, unlike the others but he has learned the rules.  Never nibble.


Silver spends more time with the big boys than his fellow Minions.


Good news – last night, Jack was given reprieve from Death Row by our vet.  After careful thought and consideration, we decided that his quality of life was good.  He is never stressed or in pain, just senile and pottery (Jack, not the vet).  The vet also prescribed a daily anti-inflammatory painkiller.  This has helped immensely and we fairly galloped up the track on his daily walk today – note the blurring of the photo is the speed he went and not my crappy ability (just sayin’).


8 thoughts on “Bad Light

  1. SVicino

    go Jack, those anti-inflammatory pain killers are THE magic pills. my cardigan corgi, Tammy, got an extra 5 years on those wonder pills.


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