The Magic Words

I just happen to wonder if anyone would perhaps like, maybe if they were feeling slightly peckish……..


…. some food?  and whoosh, I only had to ask once.


Taktur and Storm had been welded together all morning waiting for my magic words but I had other tasks to do so had left them in their field until later.  It wasn’t like they were going to starve.

This is Taktur’s bucket.  Storm took up permanent residence immediately.


You can hear Taktur saying “He’s in my bucket” but he is too nice to do anything.  So he just watched and looked pathetic.  Not the big tough stallion at all.


That black trug is Storm’s bucket and still he won’t give up so I refilled the other one for Taktur again.


Eventually Storm did come up for air.


Taktur was less than impressed by his side-kick’s lack of manners. He is not very into food like three starved Shetland ponies.


Feeling generous, I gave the other two a little grub to keep them occupied.  They are very well covered and I have to be careful but there is a weekend of shite weather on its way and, although it is not particularly cold, the ceaseless wind and rain does take it out of everyone.


The other fatties got a smidgen of feed so they didn’t feel left out and some carrots.   They have enough grass to keep them full and don’t need extra but the guilt is always too much for me.


Horses can beg!

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