Expedition to Sandness

Before our flute lesson today, we had to speedily feed all the ponies. It turns out that Haakon is not lame (at least not today). Many times we have been fooled into believing our horses are old and knackered before we turn around on a trek and go home much faster than we ever have before!

Now they are in a field nearer to the house and shall “suffer” through the winter.


Life is hard.

After that, we headed over to Sandness to say hello to Lyra as it is Daisy’s last few days before she heads back to St Snotters (Andrews). On the way we stopped and admired the hill ponies. The Shetland Pony in its most natural environment.





It is amazing to see how they cope and adapt to such a rugged environment. And it makes for an amazing moment to capture from the camera lens.

(And to think…some people won’t even leave their shed *cough MINIONS!)

Afterwards, we arrived at Sandness and reunited Daisy with her favourite mare, Lyra aka “Pants” aka Lyra Lyra Pants on Fyra.


Charles Buttons is in very good form. Not a rib to be seen. Spare or otherwise. And Zoot was very happy to see human company. It was an effort for all to lift their heads up from the hay bale.


Hopefully this weather will die down soon. It has been a while since we have seen the sun and we all miss it.

Or maybe even a calm day? We aren’t fussy!


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