The Sun, The Sun

Up and at ’em early this morning – I even saw the sun rise which is not like me at all but I hate keeping horses in stables during daylight hours if I can help it.


A day where the usually very accurate weather forecast page ( had promised it would not rain – of course, it did.


The Icelandic horses were much happier and relaxed today.  They had had a good long rest, trashed my hay supply and rolled in the sand school until they were all beyond revolting, but I don’t care, they were back to their usual jolly selves and that is all that matters.


Haakon sadly is lame again.  We think it is the same foot but are not sure.  I am hopeless at telling which side.   Anyway, he is round the house (outside) with Iacs for a while on regular painkillers and we will reassess daily.


The other horses were let into the field and galloped down the hill to the bottom field where they went back to sleep with the rare winter sun on their backs.  They need this.


I let the Minions out early too.  They were dressed (those that need rugs), breakfasted and then they went back to bed.


They refusede to come out on this lovely sunny day.  It was even quite warm and I mucked out in a t-shirt.


This is the Minion field but they were not interested, preferring to loiter nearby waiting for more hay.


This picture is for you to compare Storm’s height with Wiggins, our black chicken and Taktur’s nemesis (she nips into his food bucket while he looks on pathetic and useless).  


Storm is not very big in real life.  Just in his head where he is at least 17hh.


A few more pics from today….

BN2A6961    BN2A6973 L1140197

I love it when the sun shines in winter.

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